For Parents and Guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian,
At Salon Gamez we are very conscious of the concerns that parents have around their children’s online safety.  As parents ourselves we also want our children to have a safe experience when using the internet.  We have made every effort to ensure that your child has a safe experience on our website.

We take the following actions to ensure the safety of your child:

  1. We hand pick each game that we publish on the website to ensure it is appropriate,meaning there is no nudity, profanity, or graphic images. Please be aware that the theme of the website is beauty salon, hair salon, and nail salon games. If you feel that your child is too young to be playing these games      then we completely understand.
  2. We filter out all advertisements that promote gambling, drugs, anything sexual, profanity,or any negativity at all.
  3. We do NOT collect any personal information. No registration is required to play our games and all the games are free.

We hope that we have taken away all your worries. If you still have concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

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